Reflections Counselling Therapeutic Centre Newquay Cornwall

No. Your sessions are confidential. However, your GP would be contacted in the event that confidentiality had to be broken, due to disclosure of immediate harm to yourself or another. This is because your GP has the ultimate responsibility for your health and well-being.
(Please see Confidentiality and Cancellation Policy)

Every person is different and sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the client. An average number of sessions is between 6 – 10 however, there is no minimum or maximum amount of sessions.

Ideally, sessions would take place weekly or fortnightly. As the sessions continue, the frequency of sessions can reduce. However, consideration is always given to a person's financial position and we will work with you to provide a service based upon this.

Sessions are usually 50-60 minutes in length. Sessions for children are reduced depending upon the age of the child.

Yes. The first appointment is generally the hardest for most people as anxiety is particularly heightened. Whilst it is always better to try and attend on your own if you are able, someone can attend the first session with you if you would prefer. For following sessions, we have a waiting room in which family or friends are welcome to wait for the duration of your session.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by your therapist who will go through the confidentiality and cancellation policies with you and the treatment options available. The therapist will ask you some personal information such as full name, address, preferred contact number, GP details and any current medication you are taking. You will be asked to describe your current difficulties as much as you are able and be given the chance to ask any questions you may have.